Senior Membership (2018-19): Credit Card Pre-Authorized Payments Yearly PAP/Y-cc – (automatic monthly withdrawals)

PAP/Y-cc is Pre-authorized Payment Plan/ Yearly by credit card (automatic monthly withdrawals). RPNAO offers a pre-authorized payment plan to pay the membership fees. This option is only available to members who have an up-to-date account balance.

This authorization may be withdrawn in writing then (10) business days prior to the subsequent withdrawal date. The nurse needs to ensure to remit the outstanding balance immediately upon termination of PAP.

Three rejected (PAP) payments will no longer be eligible for the plan for the duration of the year and will be required to remit payments of the outstanding balance immediately..

Membership Addons

  • GNSIG – Gerontological Nurses – (2018-19)

    $65.00 Add to cart
  • IBSIG – Independent Business Nurses – (2018-19)

    $72.50 Add to cart
  • PCSIG – Palliative Care Nurses – (2018-19)

    $52.50 Add to cart
  • ORSIG – Operating Room Nurses – (2018-19)

    $52.50 Add to cart