Associate Membership Class 1 2018-19

Terms of Membership:

Full Year Membership expires on Jun-30 every year.
Membership is not transferable and Membership fee is not refundable.
Full year membership will start July 1st of the current year (or the date you apply, if after July 1st).
The expiry date of your membership will be June-30th of the following year.
$1 of the RPNAO Membership Fee is donated towards the Education Trust Fund.

Membership Addons

  • IBSIG – Independent Business Nurses – (2018-19)

    $72.50 Add to cart
  • PCSIG – Palliative Care Nurses – (2018-19)

    $52.50 Add to cart
  • ORSIG – Operating Room Nurses – (2018-19)

    $52.50 Add to cart
  • GNSIG – Gerontological Nurses – (2018-19)

    $65.00 Add to cart